Very underrated game!! Awesome game world, great music and tons of fun! Just make sure to patch the game first!

User Rating: 9 | Gothic 3 PC
Gothic 3 is tons of fun and very underrated imo.

The game was released with alot of issues, but since its release there have been some FANTASTIC patches for the released.

The game now runs alot better thanks to all the patches and work done since its release. If you get the game, make sure to download the patches and the community updates 1.71,1.73,etc..

The gameplay is fun, the music is top notch and the gameworld is amazing!! It also has some decent graphics aswell and also has some great sun sets and not to mention some great monsters/enemies!

This game got alot of bad reviews but in my opinion they should have went back and reviewed this game again after the patches came out as the game runs alot better now.

There is tons of things to do in this game and lots of options aswell, you can do just about anything you want in this game!

The game is hard and tough at the begining but if you stick with it you will be rewarded with a great game with tons of exploration!

There are tons of great little moments in this game that I really enjoyed. The game also had very high replayability, as you can side with differnt people/groups and do things completely differnt then you did the first time around.

So in the end I say give this game a chance! Its 50 times better now then it was when it first got released, tons of great patches have made this game a classic in my opinion. Im really glad I didnt listen to all the hate this game got, because its tons of fun and a REAL role playing game in my opinion. Some people compare it to Oblivion, but for me I had MUCH MUCH more fun with this game then I did Oblivion.

Great music, awesome gameworld to explore, tons of missions and its just fun as heck to play! Give it a try and make sure to download all the patches that have made this game so good years after it came out!!!!!!