The most bugged game of Gothic series with the worst story.

User Rating: 4 | Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods PC
This game is SO not complete that it should not have been released in this condition at all! I have liked all of the games in the Gothic series, but this is TOO bugged and it has TOO crappy story. Seems that FG is a plain version of Gothic 3 with smaller map, worse story, i think that some of the spells that were in Gothic 3 and should be here (atleast they are shown in the skills tab) cannot be learned, but no worries you would not even have to use these because the game is SO short. The mistery and adventures that thrived me to play Gothic before were still HALF there and got a sudden ending was uninteresting and quick. There is too much to nag about bugs so i just tell you the most annoying ones to me: 1)The arena ended within boundries, and you could not do these missions again for the most of the time if you failed, 2)Somewhere in the storyline there were some mayor bugs like with Lee (when you had to spoke with that char you had to cheat because he was out of game boundries), 3)In all of the game stealing was replaced with just taking other mobs stuff without getting caught, 4) Some of the voices were gone, and so on. If you are planning to buy this game i would recommend you not to, because this is this is the worst game in the series with the worst story, the most bugs and in all the game you just would feel like someone has stolen the money out from your pockets.