A turn for the worst. This expansion pack has lost the edge of the Gothic series.

User Rating: 3.5 | Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods PC
I am a big fan of Gothic 2, it's expansion, and Gothic 3. I love the overall neutral attitude of the nameless hero, and the serious straight forward tone of the voice-acting. In the Forsaken Gods expansion, from the very beginning you can tell that the nameless hero already has a set agenda and a strong tilt in one direction. The voice-acting is a mix of old a new by different actors for the same character. I guess the only reason I really have left to play the expansion would be the new armor and weapons they added. I don't know if that is enough for me, because when I play the expansion it just makes me think of how good Gothic 3 is, and that I could just go back to playing that one for the second go through. I heard that the German developers will be back with another installment after the upcoming (Arcania - is it?). I really hope they can bring Gothic back to it's solid foundation!