Performance Problems again, but a good game

User Rating: 7 | Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods PC
WHY did they use the same Graphic Engine they used in Gothic 3?
I'm hearing even the best PCs are having laggs and issues here. and there are some gameplay bugg but they are mostly fixed by the patches.
well,despite the performance problems and lack of new skills, this is a goood game. lots of quests, the professions, exploring and.... .smithing is too fun in this game, i think i'v never seen smithing like this in any other game( was the same in last versions too). and if you are not in the mood to level up and raise your skill, i can tell you that here it takes no time to level up. fight in the arena where the game start and you'll be level 11.
and like the last game the melee fighting is some kind of boring, just a few actions in there. but the story is great.
anyway, this is gothic and you have to buy it if you are a RPG lover ;) .