Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods Cheats For PC

  1. Cheat codes

    The cheat console is very small and the U.S. keyboard has some keys different.
    The best way to enter cheats is to open your text file of cheats, then start the game and restore your recent save. AltTab out of the game and highlight a chest, put cursor at left side of the cheat, hold Shift and tap right arrow to highlight the cheat, then hit Ctrl c
    AltTab back into game, open cheat console and hold Ctrl and hit v then hit Enter. Now close the cheat console. Open inventory and the item is somewhere in the item pages.

    The GFG codes are specific to Forsaken Gods. Most of the old Gothic 3 codes works in Forsaken gods

    give GFG_Full_Plate_Praetor_Helmet_01 3 protections 10-15
    give GFG_Full_Plate_Helm_01 3 protections 20-25
    teach ALC 350 Alchemy skill
    teach all All skills, abilities, all teleport stones but all attributes are reduced to 0
    give GFG_Halderam_01 axe str 280 large wpn III
    give GFG_End_Game_Armor_01 Best Protection in the game
    give GFG_Mask_of_Death_01 blade protect +14
    give GFG_King's_Crown_01 blade protection +15
    give GFG_Nordmarian_Warrior_Helmet_01 blade protection +25
    give GFG_Plated_Leather_Helmet_01 blade protection +5
    give GFG_Steel_Crown_01 bladeprotect +10
    teach DEX 350 Dexterity hunting
    teach SP 350 Energy
    give GFG_Black_Steel_Helmet_01 good protection
    give GFG_Battlemage_Armor_01 great protection
    give GFG_Praetor_Armor_01 great protection
    teach HP 350 Health
    give GFG_Weapons_Spears_04 huntskill100 str100 dmg50
    give GFG_Weapons_Spears_03 huntskill100 str100 dmg60
    give GFG_Weapons_Spears_05 huntskill100 str120 dmg70
    give GFG_Weapons_Spears_01 huntskill120 str120 dmg60
    give GFG_Weapons_Spears_02 huntskill120 str120 dmg70
    give GFG_Weapons_Spears_09 huntskill130 str125 dmg75
    give GFG_Weapons_Spears_07 huntskill140 str140 dmg100
    give GFG_Weapons_Spears_08 huntskill150 str180 lgwpn II dmg65
    give GFG_Weapons_Spears_06 huntskill180 str160 dmg150
    teach INT 350 Intelligence ancient knowledge
    god invulnerable, unlimited mana, energy, full health, 100% life points.
    kill Kill the target when its name is displayed.
    teach LP 350 Learning points
    teach MP 350 Mana
    give GFG_Nordmarian_Officer_Helmet_01 protection +10
    teach PROT_BLADE 350 protection from blades
    teach PROT_IMPACT 350 protection from blunt force
    teach PROT_FIRE 350 protection from fire
    teach PROT_ICE 350 protection from ice
    teach PROT_LIGHTNING 350 protection from lightning
    teach PROT_MISSILE 350 protection from missile damage
    give GFG_Gnawstopper_Shield_01 reqired strength 195 shield parry
    give GFG_Chieftains_Round_Shield_01 requirements str 200 skill shield parry
    teach SMT 350 Smithing skill
    give GFG_Weapons_1H_Swords_03 str 140 swdftr I dmg70
    give GFG_Dreamcatcher_Shield_01 str 160 shield parry
    give GFG_Dragonbane_Shield_01 str 200 shield parry
    give GFG_Nordmarian_Tower_Shield_01 str 210 strong shield parry
    give GFG_Embelished_Tower_Shield_01 str 220 strong shield parry
    give GFG_Heart_of_Cold_01 str 250 sword ftr III
    give GFG_Orkish_Tower_Shield_01 str 270 strong shield parry
    give GFG_Praetor_Shield_01 str 270 strong shield parry
    give GFG_Weapons_1H_Swords_01 str 270 swdftr II dmg140
    give GFG_Miner's_Pride_01 str 290 largeweapon III
    give GFG_Havoc_01 str 290 wpn III
    give GFG_Double_Decker_01 str 300 large weapon III
    give GFG_Weapons_Clubs_02 str130 lgwpn I dmg50
    give GFG_Weapons_Clubs_01 str130 lgwpn I dmg65
    give GFG_Weapons_Clubs_03 str130 lgwpn I dmg65
    give GFG_Weapons_Clubs_Ogre str130 lgwpn I dmg65
    give GFG_Weapons_Clubs_05 str130 lgwpn II dmg70
    give GFG_Weapons_Clubs_04 str160 lgwpn I dmg130
    give GFG_SnakeCharmer_Shield_01 str165 shield parry prot+15-45
    give GFG_Reinforced_Round_Shield_01 str170 shield parry prot+20-25
    give GFG_Weapons_1H_Swords_04 str170 swdftr I dmg 65
    give GFG_Troglodyte_Weapons_Clubs_01 str200 lgwpn II dmg120
    give GFG_Weapons_1H_Swords_05 str200 swdftr II dmg125
    give GFG_Weapons_Axes_04 str220 lgwpn II dmg120
    give GFG_Straight_Scimitar_01 str230 swdftr III dmg160
    give GFG_Weapons_Axes_05 str245 lgwpn III dmg140
    give GFG_Weapons_Axes_03 str250 lgwpn III dmg140
    give GFG_Weapons_Axes_02 str270 lgwpn III dmg150
    give GFG_Weapons_2H_Swords_02 str270 lgwpn III dmg200
    give GFG_Weapons_Axes_01 str285 lgwpn III dmg150
    give GFG_Weapons_2H_Swords_01 str330 lgwpn III dmg250
    teach STR 350 Strength
    give GFG_Lieutenant_Armor_01 super protection
    teach THF 350 Thief skill

    Contributed by: Keith_I2