So great. Please try! This is a 3-D action/shooting game. Takes 10 memory card blocks, and has a great muilitplayer.

User Rating: 9 | Gotcha Force GC
This game is awesome beyond words. It has captured me for a whole year now with its 3-D action and overall fun. PLease try it! With over 200 characters, all of which being diffrent, and a great mulitplayer, it has all its bases covered. The charatcers are very....well varied! Girls, guns, to giant dragons! Ninjas and some bugs even! Its all good and tasty. Mt favorite is the revovler gunmen. A cool cowboy with 2 powerful guns. My other favorite is a borg that makes her friends bigger, which makes them deadly! With over 200 borgs, your bound to fall in love with one. Please, try it. You will like it. ______________________________________________________________________