Critic Reviews don't give this game justice. a great game overall, but a tad clunky.

User Rating: 8 | Gotcha Force GC
The many reviews for this game from "professionals" dont give this game justice, it is much more than a "pokemon knockoff" in terms of creature variety. Gotcha force is a wonderful game. The game pits mini robots against each other, in a variety of 206 gotcha borgs! The story is, ok, but the main part of this game is in the GAMEPLAY. The variety of forces between these robots, is so diverse, that it is almost impossible NOT to find a borg that matches your style. The main complaint of this game, is the fact that the controls are a bit clunky, and the camera goes to some crazy angles. But, all in all, a wonderful game. Very easy to squeeze 100+ hours out of it. The game is somewhat difficult, but not too dificult, and will keep you playing for a while. I reccomend buying it.