mah favorite gamecube game. highly underated. simple fun.

User Rating: 10 | Gotcha Force GC
aw, c'mon people, why do you have to be so stuck up? oooh, only mainstream videogames for me.... well, shut it. when i first played this game, i was astounded by the gameplay (of course, i was 9.) it's simple and addictive. and think about the over 200 characters!! all original!! once you really get into the game, you think to yourself, "hmmmmm..... i want to unlock that one, that one, that one, and that one. the multiplayer is also really fun. you get to choose your own team of gotcha borgs and duke it out with your buddy. a sequal is highly improbable, but that would be the most amazing videogame in the history of mankind. add some better graphics ( the graphics are already good for the gamecube) and some innovating gameplay and everyone would be talking about it. it's sad that capcom's unnoticed gem wasn't even noticed by most gamers.