i think this game is better then most of the xbox 360 games and that its the best one for gamecube

User Rating: 10 | Gotcha Force GC
i cant belive gamespot thought it was boring and i think that they thought wrong i recently boght final fantasy v11 for the psp and i find it boring compared to this excellent game

there are hundreds of monsters to collect and so much fun to be had with this game and i love making my own team and taking the death force that get in my way

i dont think that the graphics are that bad and they can hold there own against the next gen consoles and i would since i own them all

the music is great and each gotcha borg has there own little saying its a shame the people dont have voice overs tho

this game can provide with endless amounts of fun since there a 10 different story modes each time with more levels and stornger rarer creatures such as gold ones and crystal ones

i love ths game and prefer to most of my xbox 360 games and i love them

you can honestly not go wrong with tis game and it also has a fun multiplayer mode that lets you and your friends do co op missions witht he creatures you have trained

each creathure or gotch borg there is in the game you can level up to level 10 and there are alternate colours of each one and different materials they are made out of allowing for a near endless customizable options to who you have on your team

time currently played over 450 hours (roughly)