this game is great if you have a chance to get this game get it this game is good for beginners and experts so try it

User Rating: 10 | Gotcha Force GC
this game is great the further you go in this game the more it grows on you this game my get boring from playing story multiple times but the reward is great you unlock awesome gotcha borgs you can't unlock only on the first time through story multiplayer with friends is amazing after you set a force for you and the make theirs you and one friend will fight the other two on teams if it is only you and one friend play only you can work with or against your friend though you unlock nobody through this way it is still fun and addictive get this game you will not be sorry also there are glitches that allow you to get hard to obtain people if you find that way be careful it might mess up your memory card so do the glitch on a new memory card if you can't obtain it through story also you can figure out what bogs you are good as and also as you level up you best borgs they gain health and you can figure out who you use more then the others