An OK Game for both kids and adults. Worth Looking Up!!!

User Rating: 6.5 | Gotcha Force GC
Gotcha force is a game about toys, Fighting each others. They are borgs kind of transformers!! The game is an colorful 3d Action Shooter. Were you should shot the enemy. And put together your armys.

There are about 200 different borgs to collect. These borgs you collect during the game when you win battles. The Story in the game are the same old as good borgs you should defeat the evil ones before they take over the world.

There are differnt kind of play modes. You got the Story mode, Challengemode and Versus. You can play 4 against eachother or with each other. You can also trade your collected borgs with a friend.

Now lets move on to the Ratings first out the graphics.

Graphics: The graphic in Gotch Force is colorful and cartoonish more than realistic. The Borgs looks good. The details are good and the suroundings are OK . The game lags sometimes and the textures gets lost sometimes so you lose the borg. But overall the graphics are Good.

Sound: The Sound are the worst part in this game. With a good sound this game could have landed on a 7 or 8 but know its just a average game. The Voices in the game are so bad one of the worsest in a game i ever played. And sometimes the voice is moaning and you must read the talk. The music is pretty bad to. Overall the sound is Crap.

Gameplay: The control os Fair. Its easy to learn but it doesnt give you much. The buttons are good and easy to learn. The movement could havbe been better its not bad but it gets frustrating sometimes. Overall The control is OK

Value: The value of the game is Very Good. The story mode is about 20 Hours. It tookme about 18 hours but i didnt take all. If you want to collect all the borgs you have many hours in front of you. You also have some other modes that makes the value very good. The challengemode and that you can play with friends up to 4 playrs at once against eachother or together. You can also Trade your Borgs with friends and that is a nice feature. So The value is Very Good.

Tilt: The game is Fun. You collect your borgs in different battles and that makes you want to get forward in the game. This makes the game exciting and hard to quit sometimes. but its also the other way around. it gets repitive when the battles are almost the same the whole time the only differnet is the new opponents. but overall i think the Game is Fun.

Graphics 7
Sound 3
Gameplay 6
Value 8
Tilt 7

+ Colorful, The Modes, The Lenght
- Voices, Music, Movement