Solid gold.

User Rating: 10 | Gotcha Force GC
When young anime kid Kou comes across a small red robot named G-Red and is told of the Earths impending destruction by evil Borgs he and his new partner set out to stop them.

Gotcha Force offers 3 modes of play, Campaign, Free Battle and Multiplayer. In the campaign you select Trouble Points on the map and then you take part in a fight with other Borgs, progressing to the final stage.
Free Battle lets you choose a team of Borgs to use and then you fight against a computer team.
Multiplayer has you and up to 3 friends choose a team of Borgs and fight each other or if theres 2 of you then you may fight computers.
With simple controls and a variety of Borgs to use, Gotcha Force does not dissapoint in the gameplay area.

The cartoony style of Gotcha Force makes it easy to create wacky characters but the Borgs are rendered very well and maintain a neutral and occaconally ominous atmosphere.

Effects wise:
The dialogue is all done in text but I prefer that to high pitched anime psychos. The plethora of sword slashes, explosions and other noises sound perfect and vary depending on their magnitude. A small handheld bomb may not rattle your skull, but when you see an ICBM come down from the sky you want to cover your ears.

Music Wise:
Some of the music is repeated but boss battles and other larger fights differ greatly in their speed and rythm.

While it can be too easy at times, there is a limited amount of strategy and thought involved in the gameplay. If you are looking for something to capture your imagination then I would suggest buying this game.
You will want to keep playing if only to unlock every Borg.