User Rating: 8.5 | Gotcha Force GC
I really love this game. It one of my favorite games on the gamecube. Whats better is that got this game when it was my birthday when I was younger. I guess you could it was destiny.

Story is about palm size toys called borgs coming to earth during a meteor shower cause their world got destroyed by the death force. So the main characters Kou finds one of the borgs G-Red and tells him he needs his help to defeat the death force. Along the story your friends also get borgs fight along with you.

Gameplay if you are similar with the gundam vs. series the combat is the same. Its like a 3D fighting game with an arena that you can run around. You can make you own force to fight other forces. In order to get borgs you have to fight a borg you want and be very lucky to get it. To get better borgs you have to get crystals and A, B, C etc....and then you get the borg.

Good thoughts:
- fun gameplay
- unique borgs
- music pretty good

Bad thoughts:
- takes a while to get borgs

I wish their was a sequel to this game. Capcom even said this is one of their favorite games.