Golf: Tee It Up! Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Achievements

    Achievement Achievement
    Hit a birdie (one below par) on any hole. Bag a Birdie
    Wear a bunny accessory in game when there is a bunny close by. Bunny Love
    Complete the Caribbean course under par. Caribbean Challenge
    Hit the ball in the hole from outside of the green with any other club than the putter. Chip In
    Hit an eagle (two below par) on a par 4 or higher hole. Eagle Eye
    Win a game in cup mode. Grab a Cup
    Hit the ball in the hole with one stroke. Hole In One!
    Complete one hole using only Iron Clubs Ironman
    Swing 1000 times. Lawnmower
    Complete one course in any mode online. Networking
    Play online modes and beat a total of 10 other players. Online Challenge
    Complete the Parkland course under par. Parkland Challenge

    Contributed by: Guard Master, darkwormer, LagunaVII