Extremely over rated but that does not mean its a bad title for your N64.

User Rating: 8 | GoldenEye 007 N64
To start off Goldeneye isn't a bad title. But the reason why I didn't give it a "9.5" or "10" is because I am reviewing this as a game. Not what it left on the "gaming industry" as a whole because we know, If any game did popularize FPS' it was DOOM. This is the game that "perfected" the first person shooting genre. It did, back in 1997. The aiming is clunky you will often find yourself wasting tons of bullets trying to aim and shoot at some one with one of the loosest joysticks for a video game controller. That is really my only main flaw about this game, but is a huge one. In order to shoot people you have to aim am I right? And it dosen't help that the controller is shaped like some kind of spaceship. Other than that this game is great. Even though no one really plays this game for the campaign, it has one that few first-person shooters have today. Multiple objectives that you don't really have to complete in order, it feels so fresh not having to play so linear as if you were just playing a movie like the Call of Duty series. Depending on what difficulty you select you will be given more, or less challenging objectives for each of Goldeneye's 13 stages. But that is not what the game is all about. Of course the multiplayer is what everyone bought the game for, and it's still to this day great for parties or playing with friends and siblings. Playing in settings from the campaign, multiple options for matchmaking (paintball guns, slaps only) is what truly paved the way for multiplayer shooters in the future. If you are really looking for a good shooter for today, I say if you're sticking with N64 go with Perfect Dark, and if you don't have a 360 go with one of the Timsplitters games. Other than that stick to your typical Call of Duty and Halo because those games perfected what Goldeneye started. Plus they're online.