A Legendary Game (Just for the People of the Fifth Generation Gaming)

User Rating: 10 | GoldenEye 007 N64
You look back and you remember sitting in front of the TV, sipping on Kool-Aid on a hot afternoon. Your hands firmly grasping the three handle contraption, you put in GoldenEye 007. Pierce Brosnan looks at you from the cartridge like "stuff" is going down and he's ready when you are. You meet the boring copyright blah blah blah. Then BAM! the sleek and silver Nintendo logo comes at you like a bullet you were too late to dodge. The almighty Rare logo comes from the shadows with a hiss and returns to the shadow. DA DA daaaa, DA DA daa, DA DA da DA!

Let's face it, if GoldenEye debuted on Apple or Android today, the critics and gamers would ridicule this with bad reviews like a Uwe Boll film. However, this game is a gem only to those who grew up with it and a few good game appreciators that are young. You show this game to a kid stuffing their faces with today's FPS, it would take five Jaws to hold you back because the rage within your hands would need an emergency visit to someones face.

You played this to settle any dispute over a good old fashioned slappers only match. You played this because you wanted to be James Bond and do things that would make James Bond look like a villain (look within yourself and tell yourself you didn't shoot all the innocent people's limbs to see how many shot would it take before they died. Let's see how long it would take to not laugh.)

Now multiplayer! Multiplayer in GoldenEye was rough looking, but majorly fun. It has not aged very well today. It's like meeting a cousin you haven't met in a long and seeing he still has a teenage rebellion at 28 and wants you to go hang out at 7-11 and play pogs (Remember that?!!) with him. You loved it once, but as times have changed, so did your heart. If you were a cool kid, you invited your friends to a battle-royale match, 4 players, from normal matches to all out rocket launchers bonanza. Now it becomes a barren wasteland, with only you wondering around the empty levels with ramps, and more ramps, and more ramps.

This is your gem, this is your game that was all the hype. GoldenEye to you is today's hyped up game to kids these days, except swearing was pretty limited and creative friends would laugh with you because parents were doing their job at enforcing language rules (which makes it 100% funnier).

I give this game a 10/10. Not for the memories or me being a classic enthusiast saying with class that every classical game predating the classical PS2 is a classic with classy classical class. But, this game broke barriers pulling attention to the N64 and many magazines and critics made great reviews that console-based FPS at the time dream of but never get. Every kid back then had it or wanted it, it is a game that made Nintendo have an identity in the action genre. It has become a collector item to those who want there childhood back. It could be tomorrow's muscle car that the elderly collect because it took them back to "those days". For those who lived through the fifth generation of games, do you remember those days?