One of the best RPG's Ive ever played

User Rating: 9.5 | Golden Sun GBA
As a kid with my GBA playing golden sun was one of the best times of my childhood, an amazing RPG with a memorable storyline, Hours of fun even now. I know its getting old but its a must play for your RPG fans.

Gameplay- Simple RPG, you travel a world trying to spot lighthouses of elements being lit up. There a four one for each element, Earth, fire, Air and Water, you tackle two of the towers in this game and the other two in the 2nd game. You use magic which is called psynergy which were used for battling and puzzles in dungeons. To get stronger Psyengery you can train up and find dijins which are little elementel creatures than can be used to summon large summons aswell as giving your party other benefits like new psyengery spells to cast in battle.

Graphic- Impressive for a GBA game nice for the tim.

Sound- Like most RPG's there is a large soundtrack that does not disapoint

Replayability and lifespan- the game can last a while there is extra things to do like find all 28 dijins and weapons. There is also a secret dungeon with a boss on each floor till you reach the bottom where the hardest boss in the game sleeps

A personal favorite of mine a I really suggest the play