Dark Dawn Needing Sunlight - Quick Review

User Rating: 7.5 | Golden Sun: Dark Dawn DS
With only 10-12 hours of gameplay I'm not certain if this is enough to really bring about a good review for Golden Sun: Dark Dawn but with seven years in the making, I was left kind of wanting more...

Dark Dawn takes place a few years after the events of GS2 and we get to see some familiar faces as we journey into a changing world.

The first thing I noticed were the graphics and well it's nice for a handheld system but I personally didn't like the 3D rendering for the character sprites. The battle CG is pretty good though and attacking enemies are nice to see. I didn't mind the 2D sprites from before seeing as how 2D still works great -> Tactics Ogre: LCT
I guess I felt Dark Dawn wasn't very "honed" due to the team exploring new realms.

The story is a little interesting but leans more on towards great fanservice instead of it having a solid form of it's own. Though it is a great game on the go, I just didn't find myself sucked into the story like I did with the first two. Maybe it's because I was expecting this title to be a Golden Sun game but it's really more of a game of it's own right with Golden Sun themes in it.

Musical score wise I thought it was great :) The redone themes help bring back memories and bring about the feel of the game.

Overall, I thought GS:DD earned a 7.5 rating. It's a great game for the DS with nice battle style graphics, a decent story, and a nostalgic soundtrack. Though I wish they could have refined some areas of the game or had used their previous proven CG to make the game shine, Dark Dawn stands out on it's own to be a good game.