Lemme axe you a question.

User Rating: 7 | Golden Axe PS3
Ah, Golden Axe. I remember the night I bought the Mega Drive game on Saturday March 27th 1993. I went to a little trading cart (an actual cart) in the Falkirk shopping centre and came away with this and Streets of Rage. Both games are very similar, and provided hours of two-player entertainment. While SOR is undoubtedly the better game, Golden Axe is loads of fun too.

Set in the barbarian world of Yuria, you can play as either Gilius Thunderhead, an axe-wielding dwarf from the mines of Wolud out to avenge the death of his twin brother, Axe-Battler a man who is armed (strangely not with an axe) with a large broadsword out to avenge the death of his mother, or Tyris Flare, an amazonian out to avenge the death of her parents (man, they really pulled out all the stops on the character motivation). Each of them have their own form of magic (that would be lightning, earthquakes, and firestorms) to aid them in their quest to defeat the supremely evil Death Adder, who has taken the King and Queen hostage and wishes all to bow down to him. As expected, a hundred identical goons must be chopped into pâte before you reach him.

The music is quite good, and has lent itself well to various remixes over the years, but the story is gibberish. Try making sense of those silly cut scenes if you can. It's one of the easiest games you'll ever play too (the Mega Drive version was considerably harder), but you'll have plenty of fun nonetheless. This version available for download on the PlayStation Network is the original arcade version with superior graphics and sound effects (though it does lack the final level featured in home console ports), and comes with 12 easily-to-win trophies.

Graphics B
Sound B
Gameplay B
Lasting Appeal B