Great old-school Co-op game!

User Rating: 8.1 | Golden Axe GEN
Golden Axe was ported on multiple systems but in my eyes, the Genesis version was the best. It is a simplistic beat-em up with swords & axes that can be finished in under an hour... but it has a particular addicting quality that makes you wanna come back and crack some skulls with the hilt of your weapon! The fun is (at least) tripled when you play alongside a friend... this is old school co-op gaming at it's best.

The graphics are grainy and the animation is kinda stiff but keep in mind that this is a first generation Genesis title. Back in the day, this was the closest you could be from the Arcade version.

The sound effects and music also suffers from being a first generation Genesis title. Why in the hell do the female warriors have the same death cry as the male's? The gameplay is what brings you back for more. The battle animations are stiff but somehow it feels good to slice, hit with the hilt, kick and throw ennemies around. The A.I. is programmed to do one thing... try to corner you... that's pretty much it. The game is a lot easier playing with a friend and a whole lot of more fun as well.

I know this game like the back of my hands and i never play it alone... but once in a while i do play it alongside a friend of family member. It is indeed a Genesis classic!