Golden Axe was golden in the golden days of gaming.

User Rating: 8.8 | Golden Axe GEN
:Good Idea:
·Wicked awesome multi player. Some of the best beat 'em up action out there, even today.
·The music is so very much classic. It will leave you humming for years.
·The replay value will keep you addicted until the year 2139 or longer.

:Bad Idea:
·The graphics compared to the arcade version seem a little stale.
·It really sucks when you finally get on a mount and behold, a stupid skeleton or troll beats you down Rodney King style and jumps on it, only to beat you down some more.
·Watching a little blue clothed man run around and beat potions from your pocket.

·This is just a pure classic game and probably one of Sega's best ideas for a game. It's also one of the greatest games to grace the gaming industry period.