Arcade Classic Is Reborn XBLA Style :-D!!!

User Rating: 7 | Golden Axe X360
I think ANYONE AND EVERYONE who visited an arcade in the 80's early 90's has already played and most likely spent $5 in quarters beating Golden Axe. Why is that? you may be asking yourself... and I can tell you pretty simply it is and always has been one of the best arcade offerings...period.

The Plot; An evil force is rising in your heros lands, planning to resurrect a long dead warlord; to once and for all slay your peoples and take your land for their own. Only one... or possibly even two heros can stand in their way, this is where you come in. Choose between: Dwarf armed with a large axe and the power to call lightning from the heavens, Rogue armed with her trusty short-sword and powers to manipulate magma and flame, or the Brawny Warrior armed with his faithful bastard-sword and the power to create fissures and explosions.

First thing you should know is this is a brawler with some interesting elements, it might not be as epic a quest as your used to but the gameplay has no negative aspects and its just plain fun and challenging. This port not only has great graphics smoothing and updated visuals; which can be turned off if your into that. It also seems to have had its difficulty tweeked making it more gamer friendly and playable by a much wider audience. Lets face it guys... we all had problems completeing this game on our genesis with the lives it provided, or in an arcade without breaking our wallets. Fear No longer this port makes the brutally difficult later stages a little more user friendly, which is reasonable since your paying for it.

All together the game sports some serious fun, riding the mounts and using them to beat on foes, using special magical attacks, or even just plain hack n slashing with a friend was rarely better then this in the arcade....and I feel it still holds that appeal today. Just don't expect an epic quest as its a rather short, but enjoyable experience.