One of my childhood favourites! It's easy, but it's fun.

User Rating: 10 | Golden Axe GEN
Golden Axe is one of the classic Sega Genesis games I remember absolutely loving when I was growing up. The game takes you on a medieval adventure through 8 levels of hack and slash fun! At the beginning of the game you get to pick to use the dwarf, the warrior or the woman, all of whom have various different attributes and weapons. Throughout the 8 levels you run in to all manner of beasty, mostly ogre type creatures, but also some dragons, killer skeletons, and some giant knights and sumos. Your character has a basic attack move and also has the ability to jump and attack at the same time. The third move you can use is to run at your opponent an give them a flying shoulder butt (very effective against all enemies, especially the big ones). Each character can also collect magic potion containers that they can use to perform magic on their enemies (to various degrees, depending on your chosen characters' abilities). The magic can be a god send in sticky situations, especially against end bosses. The real attraction of this game is that it is super fun with two players. The main flaw in the game is that it is way too short. The graphics, sound and gameplay were all way ahead of their time when this game was originally released, and to me it hasn't lost any of it's attraction. I can't wait to download Golden Axe II & III to my Wii now!