A well done old school action game. It deserves credit for the time it was made.

User Rating: 7.5 | Golden Axe GEN
In Golden Axe you play as one of 3 heroes who are trying to rescue the kidnapped king and queen. In order to do so they must defeat the evil Death Adder and his evil army. You can play the game on either Single player or with a friend. You choose one of 3 the 3 characters and battle your way through hordes of enemies until you confrotn and defeat the evil death adder. The controls are simple but that's because it is so old. You basicall have a few attacks' jump' and magic attacks which are different depending on which character you choose. You can mount dragons and other steeds to assist you in battle occasionally. The game is somewhat short(Is only about 30 minutes long) but thats because it is old. But it will most likely take you some time to remember what is coming at you each level so you most likely won't beat it on your first try. Their is also the duel mode which lets you either duel a friend or battle a number of enemies continually. While the game is short because of how old it is' it deserves credit for it's time. If you like old school adventures you might like to try this out.