An arcade classic that's let down by the rather short campaign.

User Rating: 6.3 | Golden Axe X360
If I remeber anything about Golden Axe, I remember it being a bit longer than this re-creation. Of course that was the Sega Genesis version and not this port of the arcade version. So I am a bit let down by its short (roughly 20 minute) campaign. The majority of the quest is still the same through out so it's not a complete let down. The skeleton warriors, the armoured knights and the dragons that you can ride around are all back in retro action. The gameplay is quite simple for this arcade game, A is to jump, X to attack and Y to use your potions which comes in handy for when you are surrounded by goons and you need to take them all out. The graphics are basically the same too although slightly enhanced for XBLA. Sound is also intact from hitting the enemy to the enemy crying in pain when they die aswell as the background music.

When it comes to value for money you really got to think about a few things. Would you rather have a game that's half an hours long? Are you a fan of the old 1989 arcade hit rather than the Genesis version? If so then you won't be disappointed. There's co-op included so you and a buddy can join the quest to vanquish the evil Death Adder and his hordes of minions. Though new travelers beware of this XBLA game!