Has the action that i knew from long ago...kinda

User Rating: 8.3 | Golden Axe X360
I remember golden axe from the sega genisis, and i thought that that was what i was going to get, but it turns out that it was the origianal arcade version (makes sence now that i think about it) which is way shorter than what i remember the genisis version being, although it doesnt have the leap of faith before the final boss batle that i could never make. You'll get most of the acheviements withing the first 45 minutes of play, except for the extremely hard ones. The save feture in the game seemed like a moot point, scince you have infinite continues and it will probably take you about 20 minutes to play through the entire game. It's for only five bucks, and with the online and offline multiplayer it'll be easy to make your dollar go a long way.