A golden game it is...

User Rating: 9 | Golden Axe GEN
This game must be at least 15 years old but that doesnt mean to say that its missing what the games now days have, yes the games now have better graphics and better and longer story lines but nothing compares to ripe old age of Golden axe.

I still remember when my parents brought this game home for me, i was so excited actually not even excited i was beside myself. In my eyes this was the best game ever and to think back im not even ashamed to say it. I would love to get my hands on this game again, it had brilliant graphics for its time, an awesome story line and characters that no game like it could ever offer and the sound and gameplay was more than incredible. And to add to the glory of this game it even had a fantastic multiplayer mode, the first i had ever seen for this type of game, i still remember playing with my dad, we choose two of what we thought were the best characters, to say the least those were the best gaming years of my life.

This game is definitely old school, like i said in the beginning it must be atleast 15 years old, but think about it this game was way before its time, i can proudly say this game deserves to be in my collection more than some of my up to date PS2 games.