Hmm... Looks like a primitive version of Metal Slug!

User Rating: 7.3 | Golden Axe GEN
I only bought a Plug in and Play version of this game and to my surprise such a primitive game holds out well. This game came out before I was born and I was surprised I never played it nor heard of it in the 90s. It's a pretty decent game, a little rough around the edges, but it was one of the first games out. This is why this reminds me so much of Metal Slug:

1. It's an arcade game. (Woohoo!)

2. You fight various enemies in a sidescroller but instead of machine guns, you use a sword or an axe.

3. The elf dudes remind me of the people that gives you power ups whenever you hit them.

4. Instead of a tank, you can ride a dinosaur.

The three characters have their own special attacks and they look pretty cool once you get enough potions. The dwarf with the lightning is my favorite. Overall, old-school gamers would apreciate this game the most. Since this game is a rareity today, I suggest you go to Best Buy and get the Sega Genesis Plug in and play system. You might think it is lame at first, but it is a decent game under any means.