Golden Axe II (Genesis - Sega MegaDrive) is a cool Hack'n'Slash for the veteran gamers!

User Rating: 8 | Golden Axe II GEN
Golden Axe II is pretty cool, you can play the original game, or enter the Arena and try your skills there! (If you play with a friend it's even more fun!)
Maybe the game itself is old but the gameplay lives on, in the games we play today. Everybody loves Fantasy, Barbarians, Amazons, Wizards etc... so a game like this is a winner for sure.
Graphics are nice, music and sound is ok. (Since it's on a Cartridge, music can't be on the lvl of a CD) Gameplay is cool, actually I don't find it too hard, it's easy to get into it, and after that it's great fun! I recommend it for those who missed it in it's time, and for those who haven't lived back then, at least younger players can get a taste of the old-school gameing this way. (Since most old games are a lot harder...)
If you like Fantasy, there is a cool TV series called: Legend Of The Seeker. That is one of the best Fantasy series I've ever seen, with great special effects, and a really interesting, cool story!