User Rating: 6 | Golden Axe II GEN
This is my first Golden Axe game that I played. It is a pretty damn hard game. I am not a fan of Golden Axe games and I this game just satisfied me, not more not less. It was way too hard. Maybe I was a kid back then. The game was not as exciting as the Street of Rage series, that kicked a**. It is fun to play with friends but not alone. Aother thing that bothered me about this game is the slowness of this game but the challeging nature of this game makes up for it. The control and response of this game is pretty diappointing as it seems the character attacks the enemy pretty late when I press the attack button. Music is pretty good in this game. The challenge will keep you play for hours until you finish the game and full stop. For some retro gamers it is a fun game, so I would rather recommend trying out the game before buying it.