"Dang it son quite blowing all of your money on Arcade games, they'll corrupt your mind"

User Rating: 7 | Golden Axe II GEN
Yes. Golden Axe is back and better than ever, well not really but it is fun to play while it is no different than golden Axe one it did work out a few flaws the first one had. while in the first one you used all of your magic by pressing a button in this one you get to choose what level of magic you want to use. Story wise is no better stop death Adler from getting the Golden Axe. The game is one that I would sit down and play ocasionally and most of the time that is with a freind it adds a nice game to you collection and for only eight bucks it is well worth your time and money. It is certianly one of the most entertaining beat em up games out there, yes they still get repetitive. While the game is getting old it does show its age but, it would make a nice christmas gift for your dad. if you are looking for a game to pass may 30 minutes of your life here you go Golden Axe to is your savior. 7/10