A Golden sequel...

User Rating: 8 | Golden Axe II GEN
Many times people often think that sequels are no good but in this case Golden Axe 2 delivers just as much fun as Golden Axe 1.

I can clearly remember the day I brought Golden Axe 2 home, when I popped the game in my Genesis it felt like Christmas half way through the year. I was so excited that Sega decided to continue the ever so popular series and without a doubt they did a really good job. Even though there wasn't much expansion on the overall character development and story line, it was just pure bliss being back in the Golden Axe kingdom fighting the evils that be.

Even though they continued the scrolling screens from left to right it was always so exciting waiting for your next victim to pop onto the screen so you could stab, stab, kick, punch, stab and watch them drop down and die a screaming death. The magic was just as finely done as the first Golden Axe and they made collecting your magic bottles just as fun.

Overall I would say that Golden Axe 2 is just as much fun as Golden Axe 1 with the added bonus that you've been there mastered your characters and kicked some a**. The sound is the same, the graphics are the same but how could anyone want to miss the opportunity to once again fight for your kingdom.