Godzilla: Monster of Monsters! Cheats For NES

  1. Mecha-Godzilla will always miss

    When battling Mecha-Godzilla with Mothra, make sure you are lined with his neck and have the tip of your upper wings just to the right of the "A" in "Godzilla", now keep firing your eye beam and Mecha-Godzilla's lasers will always miss and go right through your wings.

    Contributed by: Sya0ran409 

  2. Misc Passwords

    Effect Effect
    S0UND Access Sound Test
    DESTR0Y ALL MONSTERS Fight all the final monsters
    M0NSTER 0 Fight Monster Zero at the beginning of the game
    (Leave Password blank and hit end) Monsterless Debug Level
    sea m0nster Takes you to planet X with a strange effect. It makes Monsters spawn from the center of the playing board. A glitch or unfinished code maybe?
    START T0 END View opening/closing scenes

    Contributed by: Dallas, samthebigkid, JaiGuru 

  3. Debug Level

    Effect Effect
    GH1D0RA Debug level

    Contributed by: Sya0ran409 

  4. Level Passwords

    Effect Effect
    HR6AMU6696 UCUGXK Earth
    XOKQWPT6TH NQJ59D97T637E Jupiter
    Y4RKAQMDR1 G6S4XP Mars (last hex)
    H46NAP5CX2G8HK3H Neptune
    4J62STRMH9 CWU58L Planet X
    7JRNOO4NNU 9WLJT3 Saturn (last hex)
    X STAR Start on Planet X

    Contributed by: J.Lau, MrDurp 

  5. Level Passwords for Real Challenge

    On the password screen, enter the first three letters of any of the planets (Except Earth and Planet X) to start at that level, with Godzilla and Mothra at Lvl 1. See how far you can get on the harder planets!

    Effect Effect
    JUP Jupiter @ level 1
    MAR Mars @ level 1
    NEP Neptune @ level 1
    PLU Pluto @ level 1
    SAT Saturn @ level 1
    URA Uranus @ level 1

    Contributed by: PlayItBogart 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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