Great hunting game on the go whether you're playing solo or multi.

User Rating: 8.5 | God Eater Burst PSP
Gods Eater Burst is pretty much like Monster Hunter. You hunt, scavenge, and craft so that you can hunt, scavenge, and craft some more and get stronger of course. To summarize my review, if you like hack n' slash and/or rpgs that offers a challenging difficulty not to mention an enjoyable crafting system then this one might hold your interest.

Now that the summary is out of the way, here's my detailed impressions(review) of the game:

BATTLE MECHANICS. Press square button repeatedly to perform a combo and triangle to perform a secondary attack. It might seem a no-brainer hack n' slash but it's not(at least not entirely). Each Aragami(monsters) have specific weakness to certain elements, weapon types, and weakpoints. Some monsters are easy to take down but some, especially the bosses, recquires a bit more than just bashing buttons. So expect a lot of dashing, running, and more importantly blocking around. And some monsters changes weakpoints depending on what parts you break.

WEAPON SYSTEM. Your character wields a multi-purpose weapon much like a swiss knife. God Eater Burst takes the dilemma of whether taking a sword or a gun in a hunt out of the equation. In here you have a sword, a gun, and a shield all rolled(or installed) into one. So during missions, you can switch weapons in just a press of a button. And each sword, gun, and shield have three different types which gives you the option to choose pertaining your fighting style.

CRAFTING SYSTEM. Not only you craft weapons but you can also craft bullets, enhancers(kits), and fashionable outfits. There's no leveling-up system so you have to rely on gears you've crafted to enhance your stats. Crafted weapons and kits will let you activate skill/s if equipped. Outfits don't provide any stat boost and skills. It's purely for aesthetic reasons.

BULLET CRAFTING. Had to separate this from the main section 'cause it's something worth looking for. Gods Eater Burst doesn't impose you of constantly switching from melee to range combat, vice versa. But having to use a ranged weapon can be very helpful. Bullet crafting is complicated at first sight but once you learn the ropes it's a very helpful arsenal at your disposal and its fun creating your own bullet. You'd never run out of bullets but you're oracle points will drain and the only way to regain it is by using a specific item and everytime a melee attack lands. Switching from melee to regain OP makes it seems that ranged weapons are of limited use especially if your the gun-toting type. But then again you can bring different kind of bullets with different elements and even healing bullets so it makes up for its versatility.

SOLO/MULTI PLAY. No online but that's okay. There's adhoc and if you have like-minded friends to play with then it's fun. Playing solo isn't lonelier than multi to play with as you can bring 1-3 AI controlled characters with you. The AI is competent enough to help you during solo play. It's not smart as to derive you of your kill but it's not stupid either. If you get tired of bringing generic chars with you, you can bring your AI-controlled friend's char with you obtained through data exchange. And monsters seems a lot tougher to take down during multiplay.

Mysterious entity called Aragami have ravaged Earth and almost wiped-out humans of their existence. Your a new-type Gods Eater assigned to the Far East. It's Adventure Time.

DUNGEON CRAWLING. It's crawling in the dunge...errrr....running around rehash environments. You'll do quest under a time limit and objectives is purely to eliminate target/s. There are only limited maps you can crawl upon so expect to see the same environment over and over again.

GRAPHICS. It's good. The only thing that bothers me is the Avatar Card. I like to look decent on my ID picture not pixelated.

CONTROL SCHEMATICS. It's just a minor issue. Analog is for movement and the d-pad is for camera control. Unless, you know how to use your thumb and index finger simultaneously then you'd be having trouble adjusting the view/aim while moving. There's the issue of the lock-on button as well. The L button is used to lock on to targets as well as browsing through items and camera reset. When you press L while browsing through items you'll cancel the target lock-on. Another problem with the lock-on system is that it only keep tracks of the target and auto-target is not that tight. There's a difference between the camera tracking your targets and actually hitting your target automatically with just a press of a button. It's there but it's not that responsive.