Jesus loves God of War

User Rating: 10 | God of War (Greatest Hits) PS2
You are Kratos, a violent spartan, who will destroy anything and anyone in you path, to kill the God of War, even if that includes killing the undead, or ascending the from the Gates of Hell, for what? to kill The God of War. As Kratos faced certain death he agrees to sell his soul to Ares, Kratos becomes his slave, killing everyone until one day he kills his wife and child. This leads Kratos on a mad rage to defeat the God of War, and end his suffering.

As Kratos you must make you way to the God of War, you must go throughout the area to find what you need to defeat him first, you must face other Gods in hopes of finding powers that will defeat him. Killing enemies will earn you blood which increases your weapon skills and you magic skills, which you receive after completing the other Gods of Olympus's tasks. Poseidon's Rage which lets you attack multiple foes with a huge power surge. Medusa's Gaze which freezes your opponent allowing an easier attack. Zeus's Fury allows you to throw thunderbolt's at you opponent. Army of Hades rises the dead souls into an unstoppable attack. The Blade of Artemis kills your enemy with a simple swing of the sword. The puzzle solving is challenging and fun at the same. It makes it hard enough for you to think, but never forces you to quit out of frustration.

The graphics in God of War are excellent. The character models are outrageous, they look very realistic. The boss fights are stunning, the frame rate never gets choppy even in the most exciting moments of the fight. The landscape is beautiful Pandora's temple is crazy with the mere size of the giant. The blood spill is realistic and really captures the reality of the violence. And this is especially outstanding with the rare load times when traveling from area to area.

The sound is wonderful. The music really captures the tenacity of Kratos when traveling on his path to kill Ares. It really expresses his hatred for this man in this journey. The voice acting is superb, and cannot be expressed as anything less than perfect.

The value is the only thing that makes this game less than a 10. At only about 12-13 hours of gameplay God of War is a rather short game. I think a few more boss fights, and some extended suspenseful scenes, would make this game untouchable. There are some different things you can unlock during the game such as documentaries about the game and a new God mode after you beat the game on any selected level of difficulty.

In closing this review God of War is a game that everyone should play, even if you aren't sure of the low gameplay time, this is a game that will leave you watching in awe, and unable to set it down, as you finally make it to the end and are ready to kill the God of War, there is a sense of satisfaction. You are ready to kill him, and you will not be defeated.