Greeko-Scandinavian masterpiece

User Rating: 10 | God of War PS4

This slotted straight into my top3 all-time games alongside RDR2 and Wither 3.

Everything is polished. Story is very simple but the journeys (both emotional and literal) and revelations throughout are just astonishingly well done.

Combat is fluid and probably the one I had most fun in any game. Enemies are varied, and while weapons are few combat never got boring. In fact it grows on you as you unlock new abilities and gear.

Graphics are great. voice acting is on another level, cast of characters is intriguing, lore and worldbuilding give us an original spin on the known mythos; and presentation in general is second to none.

This game is a ream gem and I think everyone should play it. I'm not saying that everyone will enjoy it as much as I have but I find it had to believe that anyone could truly dislike this game.