The game was a franchise and now its nothing more than a generic game..

User Rating: 7 | God of War PS4

I completed all the God of War Games. From GOW 1,2 3 to ascension, chains of olympus and ghost of sparta and now they took something that worked well and made it into something else. This game reminds me of SENUA more than GOW.. The game is slow paced and focused on a father-son relationship rather than to destroy large monsters by ripping their eyes out... This game is unreconizable to me. They could have substituted kratos for any viking type warrior and the game would have been an entirely new thing. The combat mechanics feel like weak and Kratos became kind of a wuss.. The RPG mechanics are focused on XP and collecting stuff and doing quests! That's not why GOW became popular in the first place. You are the GOD OF WAR, you don't have time to waste on stupid human endeavors but it seems that Kratos degenerated into a useless old man. He should have retired in his forest cabin if anything. I think that everyone is trying to follow the "dark souls' recipy... but each game should embrace their unique style and gameplay and STOP COPYING other games..

God of War 3 was by far the best of the series.. You can include experience, but don't make it a seperate game.

The Good:

Nice Graphics

Interesting Setting

Some cool weapons

The Bad:

Story makes no sense

The combat system is slow and uninteresting

The bosses are not up to scale as compared to other games..

Too much time wasted on father-son relationships and the enemies are too easy.

On a further note, Il give the game 7 because it is a decent game but it should not be called GOW.

This game is generic at best... but it doesn't deserve the title of a "God Of War" game. If it ain't broken, DON"T CHANGE IT!