Poor Sony controller, Kratos handicapped to prolong fights.

User Rating: 6 | God of War PS4

I am embarrassed for Sony for the crap controller they designed. During fights, you can't hit the square symbol 10 times without hitting the OPTIONS button. What a POOR design! It really wrecks fighting. Then you fight the Queen Valkyrie. She gets a dozen weapons, she flies, she moves like lightning. You get a lethargic Kratos who acts like he is walking in molasses. Moves like a snail.

During 99% of the game, he's invincible during Spartan Rage, but not while fighting the Queen. During 99% of the game, Runic attacks paralyze the enemy, but not when fighting the Queen. So, now you have to relearn enemies, relearn Kratos, relearn Spartan Rage, relearn Runic attacks, and use a crap controller with OPTIONS button poorly placed. Really Sony, did you EVER try the controller and NOT realize the OPTIONS button was impossible to avoid thousands of time during the course of the game? Wow, that's some Product Development Team you have there. Then there are the "DIFFICULTY" settings that are a joke. EASY is not easy. I'm not a PRO gamer. In fact, I'm 71 and searched for games that were EASY and found God of War listed. Making 400, 500, or more attempts to beat the Queen of Valkyries, uh....is NOT easy. Duh! I paid $65 for a game I can't finish. I think the game designer of GOW is an a-hole for not making "easy" ...well...uh....for sake of a better term, "EASY." A lot of us don't WANT to spend days beating an enemy, or solving a puzzle, or finding a way to hit 3 bells in 7 seconds. Especially with a crap controller that has the aiming arrows drifting all over the place. And game makers who make WHITE aiming arrows I have to use to aim at a WHITE sky. There is A LOT to like about GOW. Scenery, clever enemies, good puzzles, and much more. But when all the rules change to fight the Valkyrie Queen just to make the fight unfair so it will drag out for days, when you can't see aiming arrows because there's no color contrast, when the OPTION button on the controller is hit a hundred times a session while I try to hit the SQUARE, then as a game for the enjoyment of the average user, not PRO GAMERS, where many people who plopped down $65 to buy it but can't even FINISH it, I can't give GOW but a "6" on the 10-Scale. The worst ending for a game, is when the average person can't finish the game without making a career out of it. That's not fun. That's NOT why I like playing video games.