God Of War (2018)

User Rating: 10 | God of War PS4

In God of War (2018), developers are fully focused on the history of the world and the plot narrative, built on the relationship between father and son. It turned out, in some way, an emotional simulator of a parent that many people would appreciate, but those who in real life already became a father will understand and experience. For whom an exciting adventure, moments that cut deep into the memory, and for whom an instructive story, tenaciously grasping the soul. Everyone will find something for themselves. Yes, this is a completely different God of War, with a deep storyline and a well-developed history. Yes, we miss the very God of War that we had the pleasure of meeting many years ago. But you know what? Studio Santa Monica, obviously, listened to the advice of Oleg Stavitsky from the popular meme-review on God of War 3, and did take a relaxing bath. And it helped! The story gained a well-developed plot, and violence and cruelty acquired at least some meaning. We witnessed the reincarnation of Kratos, as a person, from an insensitive cruel maniac who propped up a lever to a woman, into a much more restrained person who made intelligent decisions and to whom compassion is not alien.