PSP on a PS3, and it's pretty good.

User Rating: 8.5 | God of War Collection: Volume II PS3
This is a fantastic collection for fans of the series, upgraded graphics and a great opportunity to play these two great PSP titles on your PS3, all with Trophy support.

Chains of Olympus

Considering Chains of Olympus was a release for the PSP, this game is just as good as any God of War released for the PS2 system. The story is strong and the pace is spot on. Visually this game got some nice improvements and everything looks smooth, but with not too much details and textures that could be included in a re-release for the PS3. Story is a very strong part for this game, and it had some moments that made me fringe, it's pretty awesome to see a more mature theme being worked here, very dark and morally deviant.

The gameplay changed a little from the first game on the series, but it's pretty good and uses the PS3 controller quite well. I can imagine that this game would play just fine with the PSP controls, but I have to say that the additional thumb stick is a must for me to enjoy this title. Sound is pretty good and this game does require quite some skills in order to defeat each enemy, they all have different dynamics and radius that you have to be working with.

Overall this game it's just as impressive as the console material, and very little compromise was made in order to make it fit to the PSP. This PS3 remaster version plays pretty well and has Trophy support. There are a few annoyances when you play this game, specially on segments that when you die, you need to go through cut-scenes and long walking portions before getting to the action. Not too happy abut these portions, but it's a minor complaint. This game is highly recommended for any God of War fan.

Ghost of Sparta

I'm just impressed with this GOW game. it looks beautiful in this remaster, and i can't imagine that this was released on the PSP, it's pretty impressive and feels like a longer title comparing to GOW 1 and Chains of Olympus. It has a strong story and it was brought to another level on the narrative. the production value it's spot on.

This title feels also a little harder than the previous titles, which can be a little frustrating in some points, but it's also extremelly rewarding when able to beat the segment. there is quite some longevity with the extra game modes when you beat the game and I can see myself playing throught this games all over again.

I'll strongly recomend this game collection to any fan of the series or just a solid hack and slash, specially if you haven't played the original PSP games.