The 3rd GOW is the best and bloodiest in the series yet

User Rating: 9.5 | God of War III PS3
Not only does the 3rd installment of SCEA's God of War surpass the others in the series, it blows them out of the water. You once again play the role of Kratos, the ghostfaced God of War who i branded a traitor by the Gods. The story is all about treachery and betrayal. Kratos, the son of Zeus and the infamous God of War, seeks revenge on Zeus and the other gods for tricking Kratos to accidentally slaughter his wife and daughter. The god Ares also had a big hand to play in that. Kratos dealt with Ares in GOW2, but still has the almighty god of thunder Zeus to deal with as well as the god of the underworld Hades, the god of the sun Helios, the messenger of the gods Hemes, the god of the ocean Poseidon and others. Kratos is one unhappy customer and has been betrayed and condemned to a life of chaos by the gods on multiple occasions. So, it is up to u to see to it that Kratos rage and hatred for the gods is wrought out, bringing an end to his desire to kill anything associated with the powerful Gods of Olympus. I'll start by saying that the graphics are state of the art. The visuals are so detailed and beautiful they will simply stun you. Whether you are in the fiery pit of hell that is Hades' Underworld or in the vast Coliseum-like arena of Olympus, the screenshots are breath-taking and u often do not have the time to sit back and just stare at like you desire because doing so would most likely get you killed by some enemy coming at you. No other game up to this point has been able to get the most out of the PS3s engine like GOW3 has (with the exception of Uncharted 2). Wow, what a great job SCEA did with the scenes of beauty and eye candy in this one. Two very big thumbs up for the artwork and graphics. As before, Kratos has many weapons and powers he can use to help fight off the many enemies he will face. FIrst off, this is a gory bloodfest of a game. Kratos uses his weapons to gut his enemies, rip their bodies in two, and slice enemies in two. Its very cool to try to kill enemies such as minotaurs and centaurs in the bloodiest fashion possible. The Blades of Chaos make a return. A new addition is the Electric Whip, when hit with enemies shocks them and can chain up combo bonuses and electrify other enemies at the same time as well. Another new addition is the mighty Hercules Claw Gauntlets which are very powerful weapons that have the capability of launching enemies across the screen when struck. Then there are the Chains of Hades which have the magical ability of summoning an army of undead fiends to assist Kratos in his fight. As you level up your weapons and progress through the game you unlock bigger badder undead mythical creatures to summon. There are so many combo variations and chain bonuses Kratos can pull off that the battle system never does get repetitive like so many other games of this genre suffer from. Another great feature of GOW3! And now for the feature that has been the backbone of success for the God of War series over the years, the epic boss fights. They are bigger and better than ever. There is one specific boss fight with the Titan Kronos that is the biggest boss fight I've ever seen if i recall correctly. You are all over the creatures back and body and look like an ant on the gigantic beasts body. Its this kind of fight where you sit back while playing and are breathless because of the scale of this fight is stunning. You must run back and forth across his body, attacking certain parts of the body while also dodging his gigantic hand slap attacks that will crush you like a fly. That battle is the best on the game but isn't the only one of high magnitude. There are many more and fans of the series will appreciate the upgrade SCEA provides in this one. To come to a close, God of War 3 was the 2010 Game Of The Year and rightfully so in my opinion. Fans who have stuck with series since the beginning and fans who will make this one the first and only they've played can appreciate it and you dont need to play the other 2 to enjoy this or understand it. GOW3 is made for anyone and will explain the other games past events to you. I highly recommend God of War 3 to anyone who enjoys a big game with a big plot with even BIGGER enemies!! You'll have a blast!! Great job SCEA and by the way I'm proud to say that this is a PS3 exclusive!! PROS: 1. Beautiful graphics, 2.Huge Boss Battles 3.Vast Array Of Weapons & Powers. 4. Replayability
CONS 1. Could've lasted a lil longer. 2.Kinda disappointing ending ending