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User Rating: 9 | God of War III PS3
I'm gonna make this review short and straight to the point

GoW 3 the is successor to one of the most beloved games on the PS2 console : GoW 2. The game marks the end of the God of War trilogy and Oh my God, does it end it well.
Graphics: The game presents the best graphics I've seen so far on any console. It even beats Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2. The scale in this game is magnificent and mind-blowing. Never have I seen surroundings and characters so detailed and artistic. Hats off to the entire art team in Santa Monica studios.

Sound: This is by far the best soundtrack i have ever heard in a game,but it's not the best voice acting (It's still good though).And the effects are just great,weapons,enemies,and objects all sound realistic and quite honestly, a bit too loud.

Story: While not as deep as I'd hoped, this is justified as it is simply the final act in the trilogy, meant only to be one epic day filled with the last and best battles Kratos has ever had. it needs no story to set the scene up cause that's what the previous two games were doing really. If the story was a bit better or more detailed I'd give this a perfect 10.

Gameplay: The same as GOW 1, and 2, but with more tweaks,more moves,better weapons,attacks,and magic...awesome gameplay after all

Replay value: The game is soo immersive and entertaining you'll play it once,twice,and trice.Plus whenever you feel like challenging your skills head over to the challenges or arena

Overall : 9/10 one of the most amazing games ever, sadly I can't give it a perfect 10 as it is not perfect, yet easily could've been.