An amazing game, but if you want bang for your buck you may want to wait a couple months.

User Rating: 10 | God of War III PS3
First of all let me just say that this game is absolutely amazing. I thought that the hype might have been a bit too much and that maybe we were all kidding ourselves when talking about how legendary God of War 3 was going to be. I picked up my copy, brought it home, and within 15 minutes I was absolutely hooked.

The visuals are off the charts. I mean, we're in the next generation of systems now, I know, but is an absolutely gorgeous game. Not only the cinematics, but the environments are so dynamic and immersive you may end up dying because you've been distracted by the beautiful background.

The combat system remains true to its origins, and that's not a bad thing. After all, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? For those who decry its button-mashing properties, as anyone playing it on any mode besides easy should be able to attest to, you can button mash all you want, but unless you can master the parry and dodge techniques you will find yourself either lowering the difficulty or chucking your controller across the room.

The music and voice acting remains impeccable. As you dig deeper into the story and Kratos begins to reveal more and more of his feelings (what? he has FEELINGS?!) regarding the events that have led him to this epic battle, you are drawn into the impressive storyline that manages to wrap itself up quite neatly, and in an unforgettably epic manner to boot.

My oh my, is this game brutal. I mean really...I'm not trying to dissuade parents from getting this for their kids but some of the movies and finishing combos are gut-wrenchingly violent. Then again, this is God of War, so we were expecting that. Still, it goes above and beyond even some of my wildest dreams in that regard.

Now, I'm giving the game itself a 10 because that's what it is: action gaming perfection. However, I would issue this suggestion to anyone with a tight gaming budget or kids who get to pick only one game every couple months or so: you can wait.

Is God of War 3 amazing? Yes. However, justifying paying 65 dollars for a 15-20 hour action game is rather hard to do, especially when there are a number of other games that were released this month (Resonance of Fate, FFXIII) that would last you much longer than GOW 3 in entertainment value.

In short, the game is everything that we expected and more, a fitting end to an epic trilogy. However, if for financial reasons you have to pick only one game, you may want to look elsewhere to get the most bang for your buck.