Spectacular looking, but the puzzles (and combat) are easier

User Rating: 9 | God of War III PS3

The thing about the God of War games is that they're very difficult to stop playing them once you start. The design is fantastic. It doesn't rush you, but there's always the next room to discover or the next series of opponents to hack and slash just beyond this conveniently located save point.

And the reason you want to go on is because it's such a genuine pleasure playing these games. The combat is not particularly challenging, but extremely fun and a visual delight. There are various weapons you can use, and this time around it's easier to switch weapons mid-combat and easy to switch the magic items as well. You get 4 weapons (progressively unlock them as you go), but once you get the Nemean Cestus from Hercules, this will probably become your weapon of choice.

The puzzles are not very challenging, but they are massive to behold.

In fact, the highlight of the games is the level design and the absolute scale of everything. It's pretty much undescribably good.