God of War 3 is the climatic conclusion of the God of War series.

User Rating: 9 | God of War III Remastered PS4

God of War 3 is the climatic conclusion of the God of War series. The game has non-stop, old fashion hack n’ slash action along with an intense storyline. God of War 3 starts off where the previous game left off, with Kratos allied with the Titans trying to overthrow the Gods of Olympus. The game has great CGI graphics, even better on the PS4 version with the 1080p60fps rate. The voice acting is amazing and very emotionally driven. The graphics are rich with overwhelmingly vast worlds of ancient mythological Greece.

The gory, bloody action while playing the Spartan Kratos hasn’t lost its touch. The gameplay is fluid and it distinguishes itself from other current 3D platformers (action/adventure games), instead of changing the game mechanics to stealth kills to avoid overwhelming foes, it’s just a plan old fashion beat ‘em up game, and also has perplexing puzzles to use your brain. There are multiple, challenging boss fights, which is a major cornerstone of tradition in the genre of action/adventure games. You get to fight mythological monsters, Gods, demigods, and Titans, where Kratos has to use not only his brawn but his brain to beat his foes. The gameplay features has the same old cut scene mini game where certain symbols appear on the screen and you press the corresponding button to crush your foe. Kratos has newer powers and he receives newer weapons in his arsenal as he progresses and defeats bosses throughout the game. He can unleash various combat combinations. He can grab a foe and use him as a battering ram against a legion of foes. There certain levels of the game where you get to solve tricky puzzles to progress. The game balances very well between intense action, exploration and puzzle solving. The acting in the game feels realistic.

God of War 3 Remastered looks great with improved graphics, it is worth purchasing if you own the PS3 version, or if you haven’t own the copy for the PS3, purchase the Remastered version. The game has a massive world of ancient mythological Greece, along with action puzzle solving and many powers and weapons at Kratos’ disposal.