A world-class, definitive experience of a generation

User Rating: 10 | God of War III PS3

God of War III consistently stunned me from start to finish. Having never encountered the series in the past, when I finally got a PS3 a couple years back I played through the trilogy start-to-finish in the space of about a month. When I got to the third, I found the quality nothing short of world-class. From the graphics, to the truly epic story, to the gameplay mechanics - this game was top-notch top-to-bottom and I found myself struggling to find flaws. The combat is pitch perfect and veteran players of hack 'n slash games will find one of the most rewarding and refined combat experiences ever created, especially on the Hard difficulty setting! This game is a truly exceptional and thrillingly apocalyptic blast that any gamer should treat themselves to.

This title represents the very best of AAA gaming.