A fitting close to the action/adventure legacy of PS2

User Rating: 9.4 | God of War II PS2
This is how things get done right. I do not plan on buying a PS3. Rather, I am going to pick up an XBOX 360. Regardless, GOW2 makes me proud that I have held out on keeping my PS2 since 2001. This game really throws you right into the heat of battle. What really made me addicted to the first GOW was the frenetic action that made you want to stand up and cheer when you finished a battle. This definitely carried over into this game. However, there were also some vast improvements. The music in this game is phenomenal. The neoclassical score fits very well with the grand scope of the game. Subsequently, the graphics were also finely tuned to the capabilities of the PS2. This is why I prefer console gaming. I respect that gaming companies must fit the best they can muster to the system capabilities of an existing console, as opposed to having to drop a couple hundred bucks every few months just to keep up with PC gaming. I feel that graphics quality is reflected more in artistic implementation than pixel rate. Moving off of my rant, the controls handle very well. Every now and then, the right analog stick dodge move feels a bit syrupy, but that isn't very often.

The puzzle aspect of GOW2 encourages you not just to solve the puzzle at hand, but also to search for secrets. When you are fighting off multiple enemies, the puzzles can get a bit tedious. On the positive side, the puzzle aspects of fighting the larger bosses are very ambitious and well executed. Overall, I would say that this game is a must for those who are looking for both a reasonable amount of challenge, and a good way to spend a couple hours ripping your way through a fast and loose version of one branch of mythology.