The final god of PS2 games, I have to admit.

User Rating: 9 | God of War II PS2
For starters, God of War II is one heck of a sequel. Its presentation is really sweet and it gives more content and 'extensions' that the first God of War didn't have. The downside is that, like the first game, it ended so quickly and so rudely…
The story takes place some time after the first game; Kratos is the God of War and like anyone who's anyone in the Greek god-world, he flips and goes to the 'dark side'. It's kind of like Anakin's bit of the tale. At first, Kratos wants to vanquish the wrongs in the world but after he's given Ares' throne, he totally unleashed his 'true color', and it's not powder-white. The whole game has a lot more content than that of the previous God of War; a lot of Greek mythological characters swarm the game to give more drama to the story. The parodies of each character are really well-crafted, harmoniously blending with the story of the deranged Spartan and his white complexion. It's one of the greatest games on the PS2, and it's also the consoles 'last titan'. It's absolutely big, but it just ends, leaving players a feeling of being incomplete.
Way better than God of War. The textures are beautiful, the backgrounds are emphasized well, there are vast enemy classes and Kratos looks menacing. This is one huge game and so, it delivers graphics that really pushed the PS2 off the cliff. The cut scenes are wonderful and so are the CG cinematics. The level designs are also stunning; imagine traversing the inside of a humongous colossus which is so detailed; or solving a puzzle that's a hundred stories tall. That's one hell of a visual experience.
As with God of War, the game play sounds, as well as the musical score, are just things of awesomeness! Hook this up to your personal heap of high-quality sound system and experience reality exaggerated. This game is just wild; it's extremely noisy because of the gruesome fight scenes, the vast game space, and Kratos' abnormal screams. It's insane! Remember that this is a mythological game, some old-school music is integrated here, but not to worry, none of them sound like a ballet. The soundtrack sounds like the myth version of Metallica! Bring on the roars!
Although it's same-y (hack here, slash there), it just got better. Kratos now has a lot of intense moves while wielding the Blades that were given to him by Athena. There's more drama to how he executes his plethora of moves. The special power-up that was once called 'Rage of the Gods' was made better so that players can access it more all throughout the game; and now it's called 'Rage of the Titans' (the game tells you why it has it's new name). There are more bosses this time around and they are just as unique in their look as in their style of fighting Kratos. And the way Kratos takes on each o these bosses has this 'new' kind of feel. And let's not forget the three new weapons that Kratos gets to wield. This is one hunk of a game and it will never disappoint, except for its rudeness in ending so abruptly after a cut scene. But like God of War, God of War II ends in that manner so that players will drool over the coming of God of War III for the PS3. The developers of this game are what we call 'maru'.
With great visuals, inspired sound and intense game play, God of War is a must-have for the die-hard PS2 owners. Even those who have already owned the next-gen consoles have reverted to their dusty PS2 and re-polished them for the final and ultimate God of War experience. This is highly recommended for action-adventure freaks out there. Prepare for glory and a slew of bonus content!