Weakest of all of Kratos' Adventures

User Rating: 7 | God of War: Ghost of Sparta PSP
In God of War: Ghost of Sparta, long-time fans can enjoy another adventure designed for a portable device. Unfortunately, the game doesn't hearken to its console predecessors, but to other mobile games. It is short and the story is weak, compared to the others. This iteration was the last one I hadn't played and I did not save the best for last.

If you're familiar with the God of War series, there is nothing new to offer, not really. The story revolves around Kratos' rage and discovery that his brother has been kidnapped and kept alive by the Gods since he became the God of War. Once he discovers this, his normal rationale shifts from killing just anyone to going after those that have imprisoned his brother.

The story is anything but new, and for the series, it marks a low point in the rehashed and tired life of Kratos, who has clear anger management issues and a limited vocabulary. While the story lacks in originality, the game play is not constrained in anyway. The controls feel fluid, few glitches to speak of. If you are looking for a great action adventure, then this is what you might enjoy. The game isn't long, maybe 10 hours if you can't play it in one go.

The game isn't a must-play, by any means, for the series, but it adds to the mythology surrounding Kratos. It doesn't make me excited for the sequel, but it does make me hopeful that the next game will be better. I wouldn't buy this new, but wait for a good deal to grab it.