[10/10] Best PSP game up-to-date and an instant Classic to the platform, Kratos is badass as always.

User Rating: 10 | God of War: Ghost of Sparta PSP
God of War Ghost of sparta is definitly the best PSP game i played in my life. Im a huge fan of series and i can tell you that every other god of war fan will enjoy it and even purchase the console for this game !!!
I played a lot of great games this year but the winner is definitly God of War Ghost of Sparta !!

-- The Details --

* Visuals - 100/100
Best looking game for PSP. The graphics are amazing, the level design is excellent and the atmosphere is great !!! there is alot of new enemies, allies and Bosses which is Great looking !!!

* Gameplay - 95/100
The same as the others. Some may find it annoying i find it excellent also there are new powers and weapons which made the gameplay even more fun than ever !! This game looks really familiar to the PS3 version in great way the chests, the power-ups and even the enemies !! there are also couple of moments in the game when you play in 3rd person and it looks amazing !!!
The Sex Scene is better than Ever !!!!

* Sound - 100/100
As always great voice acting, incredible sound effects and the lyp synch for the console is gorgeous !! The soundtracks are familiar with previous games whic is awesome !!!

* Story - 100/100
The Story is Amazing it tells you almost everything you didnt knew about Kratos - who is kratos real brother and sister .. how kratos got his Red tatoo ? and what happened to his brother when he was a kid !! The Adventure never been so Great !!!
The Developers promissed to make Ghost of Sparta longer than Chains of Olympus and they Did !!!
even though the story mode took me only 5 hours i played this game over 3 times and the bonus content just kept me playing it !!

Gamespot can give this game 8/10
but im gonna give it 10/10 !!!
A Must have for every God of War fan and PSP owner !!
The game is even better than Chains of Olympus !